Abaddon (apotheosiswolf) wrote in timemagick,

Time Distortion and Photo Reading?

Before I dig myself a nice big hole, I just want to say I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking at there.

I'ld LIKE to think it's a very nice on-camera example of someone using their training to distort their perception of time to produce what could be a considered a (nearly) magical effect. But considering I'm trying to take everything with a grain of salt these days, I figured I'ld throw it out there for second opinions.

Let's say the woman is producing the effect she says: using photoreading has allowed her to "allow for much faster data transmission to the brain." Has anybody else seen this/tried this/have experience to vouche for it? Would you pursue or experiment with this?

And no, I'm not trying to pimp this stuff. I'ld just like other opinions.
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I think it is something we all can do. I actually was able to see the ball on occasion myself. It's all about allowing your vision to see in fractions of frames.
Do you yourself have any experience on photoreading ?


April 17 2009, 07:44:12 UTC 9 years ago

PhotoReading trains you to trust your non-conscious mind more. You just see enough and let the body follow through. The brain is able to process over 3 trillion bits of information a second and is only aware of 2000 bits. You need to train yourself.

The difference between someone who tries to hit the ball and can't and someone who can, they've turned off the conscious censor and just trust the body mind connection.

Cheers AlexK (PhotoReader downunder)